LED Edge Lit Signs

We make custom edge-lit LED signs to your specifications or you can buy some of our pre-made items right off the website.  We engrave the artwork into cast acrylic and using a 3D-printed base of our design, the acrylic is lit at the hidden edge by a strip of bright LEDs, which in turn illuminates the engraving while the unengraved acrylic remains clear.  Our desk bases use a 12v adapter that plugs into a wall outlet and there is a switch on the base, making it unnecessary to unplug it.  We also offer small 3.5 inch cylindrical bases that use either USB or 3xAA battery power and the color of the LEDs can be set to slowly cycle through seven different colors, switch rapidly between the colors, or stay on a particular color.

These edge lit signs are great for sports fans who want their favorite team logo proudly displayed on the desk or in their man cave.  They are also great for display tables when the battery powered bases are used, providing a portable means to get your message out there.  We can also make edge-lit signs that hang from the ceiling or attach to walls.

Here are a few examples of signs that I have made:

We’re able to make signs in up to three colors, like the UGA sign above.  This requires a significant lead time due to having to split the artwork into separate layers, as each color layer is etched into a separate piece of acrylic and the they are “sandwiched” together.