Laser-Cut Door Signs

This is actually the first item we ever made in our laser cutter.  We can make these for you with the first initial of your last name (or whatever you’d like) and we can use a different font for your initial if you like.  Simply go to and find one that you like, then email us with the font name so we can download it and update the design file.  These are very lightweight – not like the thick MDF letters you find at art festivals and craft shops.  We can also cut your own design up to 20 inches in diameter.

We can ship them to you unfinished, painted, or stained at a slight upcharge.  You can add your own ribbon but if you prefer Betsy’s awesome bows, she can do it for you and ship it ready to hang on your door.  Just let us know what kind of ribbon you would like and she’ll find it – or you can mail it to us!