LaserDaze Design is a North Atlanta-based makerfarm that specializes in creating things using our 3D printers and CO2 laser engraver/cutters.  In addition to making products, we can also personalize any item that will fit into our laser system.  We are a small home-based boutique business, so our prices are low and our turnover is quick!

Whether you need a single etched Yeti tumbler for a special friend or dozens for your customers, we’ve got you covered – and at an exceptional price. That’s just one example of what we can do, so see our Services pages so you can get a more in-depth look at what we offer.

Our services

3D Printing

We can create many items with our 3D printer at a very reasonable cost, using your models or ours!

Laser Services

With our CO2 laser system, we can engrave, etch, mark, and even cut many materials such as wood, acrylics, leather, paper products, and many others.


We offer 3D modeling design and also 2D design for both laser work and 3D printed items. We can also work with your graphics or 3D models as requested.